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How to get partnered with Twitch and make money?

Twitch provides such amazing features that tempt us to be a part of it. And if you are already a part of it and have worked on the same for a long and now want to move one step forward with it that is getting partnered with Twitch. This article will give you insight into the whole process and will guide you through the process and also tell you the eligibility criteria.

The Twitch Partner program involves some of the world’s most famous broadcasters, personalities, league, team, and tournaments.

To become a potential Twitch partner.

While looking through your channel and evaluating it, Twitch mostly looks at different categories such as:

  • Content.
  • Average existing viewership.
  • Stream frequency and schedule.

Partners are all needed by Twitch itself as they are the best broadcaster that the Twitch audience consumes. Hence they need people with a large number of followers. They are looking for a partner that is followed by all and stands out among all of them.

Content is the most essential part of Twitch as through that it gains viewership and followers.

One has to stream a lot to attract more followers as that’s the main thing that makes you capable of doing so.

Let’s go through some simple steps that will guide you and motivate you to be a part of Twitch

Gain more followers,
Keep improving your own page.

Once you are done with all and have requested to get a partner with Twitch and finish out the process.

If by any chase you get rejected, you can ask them to give you tips that will help you to help yourself best.

Some more tips

 Keep growing your audience and network with other streamers in your community. Also, be interactive to them, not just for the gameplay, but how the person interacts in the stream. What do their overlays look like? What about their panels down below the stream? What do they do on Social media & websites? Do not copy from, but learn from others. Then create your own personal style that sets you apart from everyone else.

It is most important to remember that to most people success doesn’t come easy it is a long time process and requires a long time process.

Thus it allows you to get partnered and explore things well and be clear while streaming.

So yes work hard to get partnered by Twitch and enjoy and earn money like most of the people are doing nowadays.

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