About Us

Rob – Founder of the blog

Rob created solsburyhill.org in 2020 as he loved to write. He finally decided to take some time out every week or 2 for his passion. He loved to write on different social media topics. Also, He loves to write on sports topics. He has written around 15+ articles right now while this is been written and will keep writing on his interests. Rob has written on a topic on all the social media’s he has ever followed. Sports is the thing he has not gotten a chance to play much. He has played cricket, table tennis, soccer(which is still pending to write about), and volleyball. He is still young and is planning to play all the sports he has/will mention here.

Rob is 27 and alone owner of this blog right now. Although he is planning to hire a team as soon he starts making some money from this blog. He is not dependent on the money he gets from here, it will help him hire a good content writer so he can post a few times a week. Rob is planning to expand his categories to write in and is unsure what to write about right now. You guys can suggest to him some categories here and he might consider writing on them.