What type of lawyer work for the least hours?

What type of Lawyer work for the least hours?

Do you want to become a lawyer, or are you a lawyer? A lawyer has to undergo several problems, stress and sometimes have to work for hours. Sounds Stressful, right? So here is an alternative career option in a law field which you can choose. 

Lawyers as a career option can be lucrative and rewarding for you. But practising law can be a lot frantic and stressful for Lawyers. 

You will have to cope with many things like late hours working, amendments in laws, heavy completion, clients request, deadlines, etc. 

If you work for a big law firm, you will need to work for 50+ hours a week. And if in a small firm or Individual practitioner, then you will have to struggle financially. 

Being lawyers is nothing like you had imagined: 

Winning over Evils

Eradicating Injustice from society

Grateful Clients

Good and innocent Clients

Good Public Image

Perfect heated arguments

Thrilling and Glamorous lifestyles 

You will be needed to deal with even bad clients, not every client will be satisfied with you, your public image will always be controversial, and of course, you will have to do many things like giving advice or writing skills other than arguments. 

Forget about a thrilling lifestyle. Sometimes you will find your job super dull. You will spend your time mostly reviewing pleadings, drafting and answer requests, meeting clients, advising, writing, and researching about cases. Also, to earn well as a lawyer, you need to work for a big law firm, which means many stress and long working hours, or have to expert in your field.

So are you ready for this? Don’t get stressed here. We have listed the best possible alternative for you to choose from.

What is the least stressful type of Law to practice?

What type of lawyer work for the last hours?

Here are some jobs for you that a law student can do. 

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution: 

They are kind of mediators hired by corporations, Nonprofit organization, unions, etc. to resolve disputes before it goes to the Court.

  • Consultant to the organization:

You can work as a legal consultant in an organization. 

  • Office work in Law:

Other than a lawyer, you can do some office work in a law firm like client services manager, communications manager, law firm manager, etc. 

  • Leal instructor:

If you think you have some knack to teach, then you can go for Law professor in a Law school. 

  • Administrative work in Law school: 

Or if you think teaching is not for you, then what about some administrative work in school, for instance, admission officer, alumni relation, career advisers, etc. 

  • Nonprofit organization:

Nonprofit organizations hire lawyers for fundraising, or you can become a spokesperson for it. 

  • Administrative work in Court:

Court also hired lawyers for some administrative work.

Alternatively, if you do not want to leave your lawyer profession

Some less stressful type of Lawyers

  1. Family lawyer: 

Family lawyers deal with cases of family matters like Divorce, Custody, adoption, etc. This is one of the less stressful lawyer types.

2. Intellectual Property lawyer: 

These lawyers fight for patents, trademarks, and copyrights. This is also a less stressful option for you. 

3. Civil Rights lawyer:

They fight for the people for their civil rights, protects them against discrimination. 

4. Employment lawyer:

These kinds of lawyers represent employees and all disputes reading employment, employee, or employer. 

5. Green lawyer:

They protect the environment and deals with every case related to environmental exploitations. 

6. Immigration lawyer:

Nowadays, hiring an employee from all foreign countries is expected. Therefore an immigration lawyer helps you to deal with every other issue related to immigration.

7. Health care lawyer:

Health lawyers are also known as medical lawyers and deal with medical issues like malpractice or misconduct during the treatment of the patient. 

8. Bankruptcy lawyer :

This type of lawyer deals with bankruptcy and tries to protect and reduce their client’s debt.

9. Real-estate planning lawyer:

They deal with cases related to land, water, and structure disputes. This field can be lucrative as well as less stressful too. 

Or you can also work for a small law firm or In house lawyers, for instance, government agencies of local, state or central. 

In conclusion, we would say that we are not trying to scare you. We want you to see reality and choose wisely. With this prior knowledge, you can improve your work-life balance, which will benefit you.

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