Traits of a true friend

6 Traits of a True Friend – Detailed Guide

Friendship is the only relationship that we choose according to ourselves. Well, “A good friend knows all your best stories, but a best friend has lived them with you ” “Many people will walk in and out of your life but only true friends leave footprints in your heart” Sometimes we aren’t able to differentiate between a fake friend and a true friend. So, here are some ‘Traits of a True Friend’, to let you differentiate between two of these categories.

  • Honesty: honesty is the true goal of any type of relationship even if it is friendship or a relationship. Honesty means being true to each other and showing transparency. Honesty can be in the form of being vocal about how you feel for them, how they have hurt you or at most the basic thing that how your day goes and your boundaries. If you not truly being yourself with the other person then there’s no point of it.
  • Good listening skills:
    good Listening skills
    good Listening skills will in turn promote a good communication between the two partners that are there in a friendship. We all need someone to survive with so that we can express ourselves, tell them our problems and what goes on in our life. A good partner should be a good listener. Someone who doesn’t interrupt you or doesn’t devalue your views and opinions.
  • Loyalty: loyalty is important to keep your secrets safe with them. It is important to gather trust in a person and maintain a safe space with them. Loyalty can be in the form of sharing secrets, telling your viewpoints or just maintaining the core of the relationship. Keeping promises to each other or any other aspect
  • Non judgementalness: again it overlaps with the way that you should have a same space with someone. Someone who doesn’t judge you for who you are and let them be you unforgivingly. It is difficult to find someone who doesn’t alter you or ask you to change yourself. You should be with someone who loves you a 100% rather than somebody who just loves you 20-30% and is there only because of the illusion of how they portray you in their head.
  • Empathy: an empathetic person isn’t just someone who listens to you but also helps you find a solution. Someone who supports you no matter what. Empathy is a very soft trait and difficult to find in a lot of people.
  • Standing ability: that is someone who stands for you when no one else will. Someone who prioritizes you beyond any reasons or beliefs. They know you are the right one and hence they stick to you. If you have this sort of bond with someone then don’t let them go.

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