Not love-stories, but stories about love

Not Love Stories, But stories about Love

  • ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND: That pain after losing someone, the urge to just erase it, the urge to go back in time and stop yourself from meeting that one person, well it’s not going to solve anything. Some people, we’re supposed to meet them, make memories. Because no matter how one feels at a certain point, memories of love are supposed to be treasured.
    Marriage StoryThere is this belief that love stories often get to the point of completeness with marriage, that’ll be the end of the story. But maybe sometimes it’s not about reaching a conclusion, sometimes it’s not about love even, it’s about living. Two people can be in love, care for each other but still, they can break a marriage and go their separate ways.
  • THE AGE OF ADELINE, The world will watch you under the microscope, you’ll feel surveillance cameras chasing your existence trying to erase your individuality. But somewhere along the way, you’ll learn someone out there will regard your originality, will respect you for who you are. It’s not only about love, it’s about loving someone’s individuality, for embracing the truth about someone’s life.
  • BEGIN AGAIN: The story of love doesn’t end where love reaches its destination, where the story gets a happy ending, there’s something after that. Something starts after a heart gets broken, love stories can be about two people being together but stories of love consist of a heart that learns to mend itself after getting broken tries to find itself after being lost in the name of love for a long time. The stories of love always begin again.
  • FIVE FEET APART: There will be stories of people, where you’ll wish they should get together, they love each other so much, they must be together but they wouldn’t. We all at a time thought letting go was some kind of rubbish, until one day you’ll learn “to love is to let go”. You can love someone and let them go for both of your greater good, for life.
  • ME BEFORE YOU, Love is not going to save you, no matter how hard you want to try, you can’t change people. Sometimes maybe it’s not about saving someone’s sinking ship, sometimes it’s about being with them on the journey until the ship drowns. Sometimes love will teach you to live, as well as to love people as they are.
  • LA LA LAND, You’ll love, get your heartbroken, love again. Maybe one day you’ll come across the person you used to regard as “the one” holding someone’s hand. But still, then you’ll just smile because even after certain love stories end, the love never does.

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