Table tennis

How to play Table Tennis? What Equipment is Required?

Table Tennis is a game where the player is required to pass the ball on the table. That is it is game which includes two or four-player passing a lightweight ball back and forth on a Table. The game takes place on a hard table divided by the net in between.

It is a part of the Olympics since 1988 and is extensively famous all over Asia and is also played all across the world.

So the game has its first presence in England in the 19th century. It was invented as a parlour game for the elite class.

It will be very interesting for you to know that it was initially called Ping Pong due to the sound that the ball made while it was played.

Later when it gains popularity, the name was chosen to be Table Tennis. Although in many places in the world it is still known as Ping Pong.

The objective of Table Tennis

The main objective of the game is to score 11 points. The player has to reach this target by using various tactics through which your opponent either misses to hit the ball, hit the ball into the net, or make him throw the ball completely out of the table.

The first person to score 11 points in all the matches wins the game.

Players and other equipment required

Table tennis can be played in Singles that are one on one or between doubles that is two players on each side.

All that you required to play the game is a ball, a table tennis bat, a net, and the table for Table tennis. There is no other requirement that is needed to play the game. The game is an indoor game which can be played in my basement or even your corridors.


The score is made up of making your opponent hit the ball in the net or making him hit a shot that is unable to playback. If you are unable to make a proper serve your opponent gets a point. Hitting the ball twice is also not allowed which will then add one more point to your opponent.

Some must-know rules

  • Table tennis is played in a number of 3, 5, or 9 games and the first one to make 11 points wins the game.
  • The toss of the coin decides which player will play first.
  • Each player gets two chances to serve the ball, the ball should land on the receiver’s side.
  • At the end of each round, the players exchange their position.

So as you are now aware of the game and let me also bring to your notice that playing Table Tennis improves reflex, eye-hand coordination keeps you mentally alert and increases the speed of your movement.  And also it is a very durable game as it can be played indoors and does not requires a lot of equipment to play and top of all this it is really a fun task.

So after knowing all this I am sure your level of interest in table tennis has increased. Learn it because it’s worth it.

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