How to play Golf? What things are Required?

Golf is played as their hobby for many people during their leisure time.  It has come from Scotland and then has played by some other parts of the world. Mainly in India Golf is played by the elite group of people and not followed as a competitive sports game by all, here it’s mostly done for entertainment.

Basically, the game requires a club and ball sport wherein the player has to hit the ball in the hole on a course in as few strokes as they can.

Some history on Golf

Let us get a brief history of the game to understand it a little better. The game was first started in the 15th century in Scotland.  Then it was taken by the Englishmen in the UK and later by them to the rest parts of the world. As it has been driven by a number of countries it has changed over time and has evolved into the Modern Golf we play today.

Let us go through, how the game is played?

Before going to the playing part let us first collect all that is required to play Golf, that is the requirement of the game,

Requirements to Play Golf 

  • A golf club is required for the ball.
  • And obviously, a ball is also required.
  • And also the Golf course.

Let’s start with the game.

  1. In golf, the main objective of the player is to get the ball from the starting point also called the tee into the hole. The hole is marked by a flag and the aim of the player is to hit the ball with fewer shots possible. The hole is here is not only the physical hole but it consists of the whole area from the tee to the green.
  2. A standard golf course consists of 18 holes or a hole marked by a flag.
  3. Golf competition is played for scoring the least number of strokes by an individual in the complete one round. The lowest one in the match wins the game.
  4. A maximum of 14 clubs is allowed by each player’s bag in the game in one match. They are all of different types and sizes.
  5. Stroke- While playing golf it is mostly about the Strokes. It is when the player strikes the ball from the teeing area this indicates the start of the game.
  6. There are many penalties that the player has to pay for when he commits once. Disqualification can also take place because of cheating, signing for a lower score, or for breaking a rule.
  7. The Golfers start by facing the ball with a little distance from the ball. While addressing it the club and the body are placed parallel to the target line. The golfer chooses a grip and then a club and stroke the ball to the appropriate distance.
  8. The Golfer with the lowest score wins.

Final Words

This was all the basic that was required by you to run. One must also take a Course map while they are heading to play. This will help them to understand the field better.

So now you are almost ready to implement all that you have read here on the Golf course. So get ready with your Club, ball, and cap and start heading towards the Golf course will see you all there.

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