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What is Cricket? Also, How is it Played?

Cricket is the second most popular sport in the whole world and is largely well known in countries like England, India, Pakistan, and Australia. There is various Cricket league like the Indian Premier League which we all are fan of and we never fail to support our favorite city or team.

Let me give you a brief note on the history of Cricket so that one can understand how it all started?

The sport was brought into the world by England and was previously known as stoolball. In the seventeen century, the people of England started upgrading it and bringing out many changes in it, and hence it has evolved into what is been played today. It was brought into India by the British and now as we all know that people in India are the craziest about cricket and surely all of us have definitely played it.

So while playing the Game who must be familiar with some of the rules and for the others who are unaware about how it is played this article will turn you into a Cricket player with all the knowledge required. And yes you can thank us later by sharing your comment but at this moment we need to concentrate on the game.

How Cricket is played?

  • Basically in Cricket, the player is required to bat, bowl and field. It is played between two teams of 11 players each. Cricket follows the rule set by the ICC.
  • The game starts with the captain of both the team and the referee where they are required to do a toss to decide you will bat first. The team who wins the toss gets the chance to choose what they want to do, either bowl or bat.
  • Umpire plays a very important role in cricket as they judge and inspect the whole proceeding. Their work is to make sure that both the teams are following the rules and they also decide for out, no ball, wide ball, and all such important decisions.
  • So now we will actually see how it is played, so let’s play.
  • Two batsmen from the batting side and 11 players of the opponent team take their position for fielding. Two Umpires also are there with them on the field one is at the pitch and the other is on the leg side.
  • The first bowler and the first batsman are called the opening bowler and opening batsman respectively. The bowling team bowls the ball at the batsman of the opposite team and the game starts.
  • The batsman then hit the ball to acquire the highest run and even both the batsman run between the two stumps changing position and reaching before the ball touches the stump.
  • The bowler team on the other side is in an attempt to stop them to make them run by making them out either bycatch or run out. They are in an attempt to field the ball as soon as they can and stop them from making a run.
  • Each bowler is given a set of six balls which is called an over.
  • The batting and the bowling end changes after every over.
  • The wicket-keeper stands behind the batsman at the back of the stump in an attempt to make the batsman out.
  • Once a player is out he has to leave the field and he is then replaced by another player.
  • When all the batsman of the team is out or all the overs are over an inning gets completed.
  • Now the other team comes in the second inning who was previously bowling and try to exceed the target run set by the initial batting team
  • If this team now is able to exceed the previous team they win the match.
  • If the scores are the same then it is called a Tie.

This was a short overview of how cricket is played. The run counting is instructed, indicated, and decided by the umpire on the basis of the run made, the four and the sixes played doing the match. A wide ball from the opponent team also gives the other team a +1 run.

Final Words

This was all that you need to know for how to play cricket and if you really want to know it so start it following all the above steps one by one and yes you will be able to play a match.

And yes be sure about your team’s umpire as we know that they are the game changers and moreover according to the rules they need to be impartial anyway.

This was all that was required to play cricket now are only left to get on the field with your bat and ball and yes you should definitely go for it.

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