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How to play Baseball? What Equipments are needed?

Planning to learn baseball and to know how it is played? This article will teach you all that is required to play baseball. For all those who want to learn how to play baseball and others who may want to know more about it and look through this article as it will give you all that is required from throwing the ball to fielding, base running and hitting. It will give you the essence of all and later it’s your job to be dedicated along the path.

Baseball is a bat and ball sport that is played between two opposing teams who play batting and balling in turns. The game is considered to be old as it started in 1744. But the founder of the game or idea is still confused by all and is not clear that which country has brought this into the world.

The game is profound in North America, Canada, and Japan.

The game is also played worldwide and reaches its pinnacle in the World Series of Baseball.

The objective of the Sport

The objective of baseball like any other game is to score more than your opponent.  The concept of the game is to hit the ball that is thrown to you as far as you can before that you are needed to run around 4 bases to complete one run. Once the player successfully manages to get around 4 bases before being tagged out and after this another batter step into the match.

Players and other equipment

A game is played between two teams each consisting of 9 players. The game goes on for 9 innings with each team playing at the alternative of batting and fielding in each inning.  The score at the end of the inning is cumulated to find out the final score and the team with the highest is the winner.

The field is divided into two sections: infield and Outfield. The infield and outfield are separated with a diamond shape with 4 bases which are spaced at 90 feet apart from each other.

The bats used are made of wood, aluminum, or metal materials. The ball used is usually 3 inches in diameter.

The fielding team has to wear ‘mitts’ which is an oversized glove to help them catch and pick up the ball.  The catcher needs to wear extra padding in their glove along with leg guards, a body pad, and a helmet to protect your head.

Scores in Baseball

The scoring here is called batter, a batter here is scored into the designated fielding area and make it around all 4 bases. The players get a mandatory point if they hit the ball scoring a Homerun, which usually means the ball has left the ground and landed in the crowd. A maximum of four-point is scored on a hit.

Some Rules of Baseball

  • Baseball has two teams each consisting of 9 players.
  • The fielding players are given their position in the ground.
  • Both the team get to bat once in the time span of 9 innings.
  • Players can be dismissed by the game by either a strikeout, force out, fly out, and tag outs.
  • A batter gets to hit three strikes before getting out.

These were all that is required to play baseball and yes one will definitely learn more once you start playing. The rules and the requirement mentioned above is as per the rule of the standard sport. One can always play it with a little variation and no compulsion on the number of players. There is no boundary to learn and explore the game by thrashing out every possibility you can.

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