Signs of people pleasing

6 Signs that will tell that you are a People Pleasing!

Being liked and being respected are not mutually exclusive. You can be liked and respected-without being a people pleaser. Please yourself first. When traveling in an airplane, you are supposed to put on your oxygen mask before helping others around you. Why? You can’t be of value to anyone else until you’ve taken care of yourself first.

  • Going out of your way to accommodate : 

They tend to go out of their way for other people without them doing the same. This is where the line of self-worth stands. You don’t love yourself enough, and hence you seek validation from others. Going out of the way can be, for example: helping them complete an assignment or prioritizing their problems when you have a busy schedule of your own.

  • Staying silent when you have a problem or issue: 

people who have the habit of people-pleasing usually tend to be submissive. They often like to go along with people to avoid conflict or make sure that they make the other person happier than themselves. To be liked, we do several things, and this is one of them. We stay silent and not stand for our opinions and issues as a measure of compromise.

  • Not communicating your needs or emotions out of fear:

 you may have a problem with someone or the fact that you want to express an emotion, but you hold yourself back thinking what the other person might think. Meaning that you hold their emotions more than yours. This is another sign of people pleasing.

  • Letting it go, every time:

Signs of people pleasing

 Again, you will let go every time because you are Afraid. You don’t value yourself and your stand more than others which is wrong. For example, there is a situation where they have taken something from you and are not giving it back. But since you are a people pleaser and you want to be in the good books all the time and avoid any judgment from others, you will let go.

  • You are indecisive:

 you are indecisive because you want everyone around you to be happy. This will even lead you to a lot of confusion about whether to choose yourself or others.

  • Compromise your values and beliefs to be liked:

 this is also a sign of codependency. It may often happen to be liked by your loved ones or your significant other; you tend to disrespect your values and beliefs. For example: if there is a dispute where your political views are neglected, you will not take a stand since you want to be liked by everyone and be good in front of their eyes. A sign of seeking validation.

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