Signs you are Healing from Depression!!

Healing for me shows up in many ways, but one of them is that I reach out for help much more quickly than I used to. I used to think I had to overcome or conquer everything on my own, with no help from anyone else, to prove to myself “I can do this” and that I don’t need anyone else. My therapist has helped me understand that depending on others and reaching out for help or connection is healthy- not a sign of weakness. Now I can ask for help when I need it, or talk to my therapist when I recognize the need to work through something, instead of letting my mind ruminate on it.

I have noticed a deeper awareness of big feelings as just those feelings that are valid and important but they won’t derail my day entirely because I remember that they will pass. That’s been a huge sign of healing for me.

  • You don’t feel overwhelmed by your symptoms as often as you used to:
    Feeling overwhelmedSupposing that you used to suffer from anxiety. Now symptoms that come with anxiety are breathlessness, or worrying about small things, or just shivering drastically. After healing by taking help from a therapist or a psychiatrist you have overcome these symptoms and now if they still come back to you, you will not feel afraid. You will not be alienated by those feelings. In fact, you would know that they are normal and how there is a way to help them.
  • When you do get overwhelmed, it gets better sooner, or it is easier to manage: With time and experience and the whole process of healing you realize that things get better. You learn and unlearn a lot of things and gain intelligence.
  • Your symptoms play a smaller role in your life: You realize that there is more to life than your anxiety or any other form of illness. You have your goals, your aspirations, your friends and family and so much more to enjoy from. Your illness cannot come between everything and at some point in time, you don’t let it bother you.
  • Things are making a bit more sense: You realize that after the whole process of healing that things happen for a reason. You realize how everything is working around you and the deeper meaning of it.
  • You know your bad days don’t last forever: The best thing is that nothing lasts forever, even your bad days. Remember that whenever you are struggling at something, it is just the start and not the end of the world.
  • Healing isn’t about never struggling again. It’s about learning to tolerate that discomfort.

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