How to play Basketball? Is it a Fun Sport

Basketball is the most entertaining, exciting, and filled with enthusiasm sport. That is played by almost everyone from age of 6 till you wish to play. Basket Ball basically requires the player or team to chase the ball and aim it into the basket.

It was invented by James Naismith in 1891 who was a trainer in YMCA in the United States. He invented as while it used to rain he didn’t want his students to sit idle. So he trained them to play something like this for physical training. Although the original game was very different from what it is played today. The game played today is an evolved version of the previous one and hence called the modern game.

This article will give you insight and will create a picture in your mind wherein you will be all set to play. It will walk you through all the basic rules and ways to play it.

Requirements to Play Basketball!

All that you are required to bring is a ball of appropriate size and a hoop or a basket it can pass through. The basket should be placed at a challenging height. Choose the right size of the ball according to your age and level of expertise. Select your hoop length also at a proper height that is challenging and also appropriate to play for all the players as per their age.

This can be played anywhere only by fixing the hoop correctly.

The game begins.

  1. As a proper sport Basketball is played between two teams each consisting of 5 players.
  2. It’s like the race of throwing the ball into the basket. The players then dribble, passes and bounces the ball by using one hand. IF they use both their hands, the ball will get passed to the other player.
  3. Each team gets the time of only 24 seconds to put at least one shot in the basket. If they fail to do so the chance is then given to the other team.
  4. A basket is counted when the ball passes through the loop or at least touches the rim of the basket.
  5. The team trying to aim the basket is called the offense while the opposite team trying to stop them is called the defense. The defense has to try hard to stop the offense from scoring a basket by preventing a shot from being fired.
  6. Once the offensive team is able to score the basket, the ball is then passed to the defense team.
  7. There are many actions that are not allowed in basketball and are termed as Violation.

Violation is caused due to different reasons example for traveling with the ball without bouncing it, double dribbling the ball, Backcourt violation that is once the ball passes the halfway line of the offensive team the other can’t take it back, etc. There are some more such rules that are not allowed in the game.

These were all the required things you need to know to play basketball. There is no doubt that once you start playing it you will become as energetic as the game is. Basketball is filled with so much spark that it brings us into it and we all get engrossed in it with great enthusiasm.

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