What is Rugby? How to play Rugby?

Want to indulge in a game which is filled with enthusiasm and makes you energetic instantly, what can be better than Rugby? Yes, Rugby can be best for all those who want their muscle to stretch a little, bend a little, and get strengthen at the same time.

So Rugby is a game with great physical endurance which will eventually strengthen your physicality.

It is one of the most active and challenging sport. So in Rugby, the run is for the ball. Let me put it straight, Rugby is a sport wherein the players are required to run with the ball and make it hit the opponent’s end. The game becomes very furious as the players are seen fighting for it like lions for a piece of meat.

Rugby was first started in England in the first half of the 18th century. The first Rugby international was played between England and Scotland in 1871 in Edinburgh. It was also included in the Olympics in the 1900s for the first time. You may now surely get a picture of how magnificent and old this sport is.

The objective of the Game.

The objective of this game is to score more points than your opponent in 80 minutes time frame. At the end of the game, the team with the highest point is declared as the winner. The game also ends in a draw.

The team that is having the ball must try to move the ball by running with it, kicking, or passing the ball at the end of your opponent’s side.

Players and other Requirements.

Each team consists of 15 players. The team is divided into two groups, forward and backs. The sport includes 8 forwards (Position: Hooker, Prop, Second Row, Flanker, and Number Eight) and 7 backs (Position: Scrum half, Fly half, Inside the center, Outside Centers, Wingers, and full back.)

The pitch is divided into three sections:

  • One main playing area should not exceed 100 meters.
  • Two dead goal area which can be in the range of 10m to 20m.
  • The pitch in the above measurement should be 70ms.

The goal post is placed generally 5 to 6 meters apart with no restriction with respect to height. The goal post in rugby is H shaped in size.

The game also requires the players to wear studded shoes, gum shields, head guards, shoulder pads, and shin pads. All the players are seen in shorts and jerseys of the same color.


One can score points in this game by using one of these 4 ways.

  1. Try

A player is awarded 5 points when the team places the ball down in their opponent’s dead ball area which is behind the goal.

  1. Conversion

This is a free-kick which is awarded to the player after a try to earn 2 bonus points. The kick is said to be successful if it passes between the upper post and top bar on the goal.

  1. Penalty kick

This is awarded to a team if their opponent team causes some kind of infringement, this infringement result in gaining two points due to the fault of your opponent,

  1. Drop Goal

This can be kicked out of the hand as long as the ball bounces at first. This makes the team earn 3 points.

Some rules of Rugby.

  • The game is played in 40 minutes each that is for 80 minutes with 10 minutes break in between.
  • The players who are replaced during the match for some injury are not allowed to come back into the match.
  • The game must have one referee and two assistant judges. The referee decides important decision and look forward to discipline and comes to an important conclusion. The referee is assisted by the two judges.
  • Any foul against a player will result in the game being stopped.
  • The defending team can stop the opponent by holding the ball. A tackle cannot exceed the shoulder if done so it will be considered a foul.

These were all that you require to start the game, the techniques and all the required punches in the game will come up through practice. To start and learn and that will make you a better player. Visit the official website for upcoming events.

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