Twitch Streaming Platform

What is Twitch? Can I be a part of it?

Twitch is an online service that allows users to watch the live online streaming digital video. It started in 2011. Initially, it had all its focus on video games but later also included others like music, TV series, Talk shows, etc.

Twitch has a lot of new users each day and hence the number of participants on twitch is increasing extensively. Twitch also allows its users to earn money using the website through the twitch partner program. It is one of the highest sources of internet traffic in North America.

It was later owned by Amazon in 2014.

How to be a part of Twitch?

Twitch can be accessed through the website itself and also by the app available on iOS, Android, Xbox 360 and Xbox one video game consoles, Sony’s Playstation 3 and 4, Amazon fire stick, etc.

So there are so many options in front of you so one can access it according to their own convenience and availability.

Twitch allows the users to watch broadcasts and videos for free and also one can have access to it without getting logged in.

Moreover creating an account on Twitch has some of the added advantages like selecting or choosing your favorite channel and adding it to your list similarly as we subscribe to channels on YouTube.

One can also engage and participate in each stream’s unique chat room. Thus hosting is the most common and famous way that allows the Twitch streamer to broadcast another channel’s live stream to their audience.

Find Streamers to follow.

You don’t have to do it all alone, Twitch will definitely recommend you some of the streams on the front page of your website as well as on the App. One can also browse the Gaming category and find the streams they are interested in.  This can be used to find streamers on the app as well as on the website. One can search by video game title or series name. There are also some of the categories like Communities, Popular, Creative, and Discover where one can find and follow things of their interest.

How Twitch is different?

Twitch is a unique application and hence has attracted a huge number of followers and live streamers. It is different from others as it was the first company to focus on video games and made a unique dedicated platform for all the gamers out there. Though it has now included other stuff too, it still remains famous among gamers.

So yes this was all that you need to know about Twitch but this is not enough as once you use it there will be no limits to your learning and becoming a master of this website if it interests you.

Once you have made your account and did not find it good or you are done enjoying it, you can anytime delete your account as it has the option to do so.

So all the Gamer and audio-visual lovers it’s time to start and explore this if you have not done it yet.

And surely all the game-freaks will definitely adore it and get fascinated using it.

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